Monday, 15 April 2013


Hey lil ones. 

Don't really know whether it's appropriate to say morning or night? It's 2am. Taking a little slice of time out from going absolutely bonkers writing this dissertation, so thought I'd do a little post to get some normality back in to my everyday (hellish, HELLISH) life. 

I don't usually complain about work much, to other people anyway, I moan on here sometimes, but i'm not the sort of person to bring other people down with my troubs. I've noticed it massively this time though, the demon diss is making me an irritable little being at the moment. I'm living at home home at the moment as well, with my parents, so they're getting the absolute brunt of it, sliding a cup of tea to me with a barge poll by the end of the week most probs. 

Roll on the 22nd when it's handed in wheeeeeee! 

So yeah, trying to think what's happened in between my last post. I got excited to leave the house and wander round Sainsbury's to buy mango and grapes the other day. Think we'll leave it at that before I make anyone else green with envy at my current work hibernation situation. 

Camisole - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Creepers - New Look 
Floral Jacket - Vintage 
Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - H&M

I know I've got a wine glass in my hand, don't panic, I haven't hit the bottle out of desperation. These were taken on Easter Sunday, and I thought, why not carry on sippin'. So there we are. The wine glass made the cut. Bit of a plain jane outfit underneath here, but I wanted to show you this amazing floral cloak I bought. Vintage, and came with a matching dress as well, but not so wearable. I love it. I may even take it on holiday as a little cover up. It's quite sheer, and I must put a few buttons down the middle, so I can wear it done up as well. Yeah, quite happy with this little find! 

I'm so so sleepy now. Must go to bed and get some shut eye for my work to continue in the mornnnnnn, yawnnnnnn. 

Night night night 

Monday, 1 April 2013


April 1st! 
Still can't get over that after realising at the end of my post last night. I haven't been able to keep up with blogging daily at the moment, mainly cause of my workload being manic, with my dissertation and final major project both being handed in over the next three weeks. ahhh! The FMP is to create a magazine. Which is why I picked the module. That's something I've wanted to do on my journalism course since year 1. So thank gad when we were given the brief, we were told we could do what ever we wanted. 

SO. Seeing as I've been busying away with that, I thought I'd give you a little peek into some of the design ideas and stuff I've been playing around with on indesign. When it's finally done in a few weeks, I'll whack it up on issuu and link all of ya. Anyway, so it's a fashion/arts/culture mag, think along the lines of Dazed, LOVE or the new TLG magazine which I'm in love with. Those were my main inspirations. And seeing as it's a branch off from my t-shirt line MILK.___clothing, it's got the same branding around it and all that. So have a lil lookie at some of the photos I've taken from it and let me know what you think so far. 

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hey lil bunnies. 
The one day it is actually 100% acceptable for that to start off a post, special bunnies today though, Happy Easter! I've probably eaten the least chocolate this year actually, compared to other years, where half an egg would be a standard procedure to start off the easter day. 
Actually, that's not true, we used to start with boiled eggs. A boiled egg each, with a little chicky cover over the top, and then each egg would have a wee lil drawing on it in pen. That was way back when I enjoyed a boiled egg. Had to kick it off with scrambled this morning, which wasn't so creative. Anyway, yes, so managed about half an egg today I think. Added two mugs to my growing collection as well, and some much needed easter money as well! So a good day for louisi! 

 Tunic Dress - Vintage 
Creepers - New Look
Watch - Michael Kors

Pretty simple little easter outfit for today. Picked this large top up from a chazza shop yesterday and thought it would make a good tunic dress. I love the colour and I feel like a little easter chick wearing it, so thought I'd leave the jewellery out of it today as I didn't want anything to swamp me anymore. It was only about £4 I think. Cannot remember the last time I bought something on the high street, think I was saying this before. Not only cause I think the prices are ridic what what you get, and it's pretty shitty quality most of the time, but because I hate going out and seeing the same person wearing something. Charity shops make me search for my own little thing and then I'll never see another person wearing it woo. Should've added my wrist cuffs to this really, but I was in a bit of a rush getting reds this morning, so completely forgot. 

Anyway easter buns, happy hols and hope you're having/have had an amazing day. 

Lots of laveeeeee

Ps. Just realised it's April tomorrow. What.